On backsliding


I recently created a gallery of the clothes I bought in October (see it here!)  It got me thinking about something my friend Paola said about my outlet mall haul. 

Part of me feels that you are cheating a bit here... Is rummaging through end of the line clothes the spirit of your mum's wish? I know it is early days, but I cannot but feel that you should be a bit more daring."

She’s right. After a strong first month of Shopping for Happiness, I got cold feet; I don’t think I even went into a “fancy” store in October.

First came the outlet mall, then a week later, I picked up some used designer clothes at a movie wardrobe sale near my house. My finds included an Elie Tahari suit, Reiss blazer, Jil Sander sweater and Comrags dress, all for about $25 a piece. A few years ago, this would have been the shopping highlight of my fall. Now, I don't even want to include these items in my Shopping for Happiness project because they’re not true to the splurging spirit. Apart from the dress (which looks worn, but is still striking and fits perfectly) they don’t spark joy or transform my wardrobe. The suit’s trousers are too tight and the sweater looks likes it’s been washed 55 time and baked in the dryer. The labels might be upscale, but the effect is not. 

So, I hereby resolve: no more backsliding! I know November’s almost over but maybe this will be the month I finally buy a designer handbag to replace my pleather backpack purse from Indigo. I could get a sharp trouser suit with pants that I can actually button up, or a new suitcase for my future travels.

What ever I get, I want it to be thrilling.

For one year, at least, I’m supposed to be living a dream – and khaki cords are not the stuff that dreams are made of.